"Chwila Zamyślenia" and  "Wsłuchana w Ciszę"


Poetry book by Jadwiga Wasowska.

In her writings Jadwiga describes her vision of the world. Touching on subjects of God, spirituality, human condition, nature and animals. The most important for her is love and respect for other beings. 

She would like that her book invites people to look inwards and brings a moments of contemplation, joy and gratitude into our lives.

Her wish would be that people who download her book, donate what they wish or just give a helping hand to someone in need: an elderly neighbour, a sick child, a stranger, a homeless person or someone who is down on luck.

It is her way of "paying forward". Please respect this wish. 


Download: Chwila Zamyślenia

"Chwila Zamyślenia"Poetry book written by Jadwiga Wasowska Back cover


Download: Wsłuchana w Ciszę




"Intricate Nature"

"Intricate Nature" is an artistic vision of a spiritual journey.

The unique abstract images created from landscapes, patterns and textures found in nature, inspire us to pause in our busy life and to contemplate and reflect on ourselves. It is an invitation to look at the continuous cycle of creation and destruction in the world around us and to find peace, freedom and love within.


 PDF version available for download

Intricate Nature
Intricate Nature
By Tomek Friedrich
Photo book